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Why Should I have my sewer line inspected?

SEWER CAM PIC 2Buying a home will be the single largest purchase one will make in their life. Even though that home may be new to you odds are  that home was built well over 30 yrs ago. One of the biggest changes made in the home building industry is the materials used for the electrical,heating, and plumbing. Back less than 20 yrs ago all homes plumbing sewer lines immediately outside of the home to the city main were ran in clay tiles that were either 2 foot or 5 foot sections. Each section merely slides into the next and is the weakest point of a sewer line. We all love trees, they are beautiful to look at throughout the year. Unfortunately the trees are typically too close to the sewer lines and in a dry summer month the trees, being a living thing, will seek water and the clay slip joint sewer tiles are no match for the mighty Oak tree. The tree roots infiltrate the sewer line for the water and end up creating almost a spider web effect inside of the sewer line. Every time we flush solids and or toilet paper the curtain of roots trap the waste and eventually you have a complete blockage. Sorry to say it doesn’t end there because a back up doesn’t announce itself giving you time to do something before the sewer water starts to fill your basement with the same stuff that goes down the toilet and every other drain in the house.


When should I have my sewer inspected?

If you are buying a home it would be a good idea to schedule the sewer inspection at the same time you are having your home inspection. If you already own a home the sooner you schedule the better your chances of avoiding an expensive and nasty back up situation in you basement.

How likely is it that I even have tree roots in my line? 

Unfortunately 9 out of 10 homes have tree roots, bellies, and/or slipped clay tiles in their sewer mains. All of these issues will eventually lead to the same result, a sewage back up in your basement or crawl leaving a very unsanitary situation, even once the blockage has been cleared.

What is okay to flush down my toilet?

Toilet paper and waste are the only things that should be flushed down a toilet. There are numerous products out there that claim FLUSHABLE on their packaging. Yes it will flush down a toilet ,but the problem is that All of these items do not break down like toilet paper does. Tissues, baby wipes, adult wipes, and female sanitary products are all a no no when it comes to flushing them down the toilet. Remember once tree roots infiltrate the sewer line they act as a spider web which catches all items, however if the items caught break down quickly the have a chance of passing through with out incident but when the items don’t break down quickly they sit there and also help catch the next thing flushed.

Having your sewer line inspected with a sewer camera can save you time, money, and heartache. So if you are buying a new home or just worried that your line may become a victim of that huge tree in your front yard Call S.L.S. Plumbing Heating & Cooling 630-495-0960 and let us put your mind at ease.