Filter Replacement Services


When was the last time your air filter was replaced?

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When does AC require professional filter replacement service?

A homeowner can change and clean the AC filter by themselves in many instances; however, at certain times the AC filter might require professional servicing and replacement. In most of the cases, the filter unit of the AC is situated right on top of the unit, but this may not be the case with every AC unit.

If the filter of the AC is not situated on the top of the AC unit and is situated inside the air vent, it is vital to call professional AC repair technicians for filter replacement. If the homeowner is not sure of how the AC filter should be changed, it is advised that they seek help from a professional.

With the assistance of our expert technicians, you can schedule regular appointments for inspection of your home. This will help you ensure that your home is in the best condition at all times.

What are the advantages of scheduled regular replacements?

There are several added benefits of changing the filter of the AC unit regularly. Clean AC filters ensure the air circulated inside your home is clean. If the air filter of the AC is not cleaned routinely, more dust accumulates inside the house and the homeowner has to vacuum and dust their homes more often. Dusty and dirty air being circulated inside the home can also harm the health of the residents.

The AC unit functions optimally when the air filters of the AC are kept clean and dust free. The AC unit will have to work harder to cool the homes when the air filters are dirty, resulting in higher power consumption.

The life of the AC unit is exponentially increased when the air filters are regularly cleaned and replaced. The AC unit will last longer as the effort exerted by it for cooling is lower. To have your AC unit serviced by our professional technicians, give us a call today.

How often should you replace the AC air filters?

Generally, it is advised that the homeowner replaces the AC air filter every month when the AC unit is used the most (summers). Although the air filters can last longer during winters and other off peak seasons, the AC filter should be cleaned or replaced at least once in 90 days. This ensures that the unit performs optimally all the time and the air is clean.

What would happen if you avoid looking after the AC filters?

There can be serious consequences if the homeowner ignores the need to change the AC air filters regularly. One of the primary issues that would arise is that the AC unit has to exert more effort in functioning. This exertion will not only escalate the energy bill but also reduces the lifespan of the AC unit quite drastically.

With a dirty AC air filter, the air circulated inside the house would be dusty and dirty. This can affect the quality of life of the residents and also result in more dust accumulation inside the home. Hence, the residents are not only exposed to a health hazard but the cleanliness inside the house would also be affected.

If you wish to avoid these factors that can deteriorate your health and the condition of your house, depend on our trusted experts to solve these issues by providing you the most efficient and reliable HVAC services.

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