Ductless Mini Split AC System Repair & Installation Services

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Mini Split AC System Repair Installation Services Lombard IL

Some people in your home may be colder than others and some rooms may be too hot. When any  of these issues occur in your home, it may be time to consider investing in a ductless mini-split AC system. Enjoy the benefits of customized heating and cooling solutions today; our skilled technicians will install these units in your home with flawless expertise.

What are some reasons to invest in a ductless mini-split AC system?

Turn to our HVAC specialists when considering installing ductless mini-split AC systems in your home. We specialize in the replacement and installation of this type of AC system, often seen in multi-family homes, apartments, and additions.

This type of system is best wherever you can’t extend your existing ductwork or when there is no ductwork. A mini-split is comprised of two main parts: an air-handling unit as well as a compressor or condenser. The two are connected by a conduit.

These systems are smaller, allowing them to have quite the number of uses throughout your household. This saves you money on a monthly basis and allows personalized heating and cooling through various rooms in your home.

What benefits and advantages do these systems offer?

Many benefits may be attractive to you as a homeowner with mini-splits

  • Overall size: They are small, versatile, and flexible and provide cooling at different temperatures within different rooms.
  • Efficiency: They are far more energy efficient than standard central AC systems which consist of much ductwork.
  • Appearance: Mini-splits are visually pleasing and can be incorporated into the overall look of your home through a wall-mount or stand-alone unit.

There are many benefits that homeowners are provided with when they come to our experts for industry-leading installation services.

How much can these units save you?

Easily save money on your energy bills with mini-splits. Duct loss is responsible for 30% of energy consumption. In addition, nearly half of your entire energy bill can be reduced by 30% utilizing a ductless mini-split unit.

So, save more money on your yearly heating and cooling costs by calling our experts at 630-495-0960 and enjoy a ductless mini-split AC system in your home today!