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Are you really fed up with the issue of clogged drains? If yes, then wait no more and call S.L.S Plumbing Heating & Cooling, Lombard, at 630-495-0960 and ask about our effective drain cleaning services. Be assured we give the best possible services at your convenience.

People do not place much importance on slow running drains until the issue gets very bad. Some simply use a product to clear the clogged drains so that the water drains speedily. If you face this problem over and over, it is advisable to call S.L.S. Plumbing Heating & Cooling right away. We offer you professional services and a one time solution for your drainage issue. The experts at S.L.S Plumbing Heating & Cooling provide professional and efficient solutions for restoring proper drainage quickly.

Why Do Drains Clog?

Many substances can cause drains to clog. The ones that are more common include:

  • Food

Little particles of food left in the kitchen sink when washing or rinsing the plates accumulate and can clog the pipes thereby resulting in drainage problems. Clogging can be the result of improper garbage disposals. Grease as well as fats can also lead to clogged pipes and damage the entire drainage system.

  • Paper

Flushing white tissue paper down the drain can cause clogs, but it is not only the cause. When people living in the house flush the baby wipes, facial tissues, or paper towels, real problem arise. Good quality toilet papers do not cause any issues, but it is important to ensure that excess of such papers are not drained, only to avoid the pipes getting clogged. In fact, it is better to keep the toilet papers away from drains.

  • Hair

Hair is the major culprit in clogging drains although short hair is less of an issue than long hair. Long hair accumulates in shower drains and eventually clog the system entirely.

  • Soap or Mineral

Minerals, as well as the soap scum, accumulate in the pipes and then clog the system. This happens mostly in the areas where the water is hard. Hard water occurs when there are too many naturally occurring minerals. Residue left by these minerals can clog pipes very easily. Preventive measures must be taken to overcome this build up.

Drains also get clogged due to many other reasons like entering of the foreign particles, invasive roots, and so on. Our drain-cleaning experts quickly offer you solutions for these issues.

Clogged Drains Can Affect Your Home

If the drain is clogged, people living in the house experience slow draining in sinks and tubs. The water can become stagnant if not treated effectively. You may also have to bear the foul smell coming out of the clogged drain in your entire house.

Along with these, other consequences of drain clogging includes leakages from the cracks, low water  pressure as well as a gushing sound in the plumbing. Contacting a professional quickly to deal with a clogged drainage system will prevent the situation from getting worst.

S.L.S Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers professional solutions for rectifying any issue related to clogging. Our licensed plumbers are well-trained in removing clogs using effective methods and taking care that your pipes are not damaged. The type of cleaning depends on the clog. We may use a water jet or thread a long wire in the pipe or use a hand-held auger.

We suggest you clean your drains professionally at least once in a year. Our technicians are well-versed in offering best services to remove any buildup that accumulates in your drains.

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