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Air Conditioner Repair & Installation Services

An air conditioning unit is an expensive piece of equipment. Unfortunately, an air conditioner may cease to function properly due to many different reasons. In case your air conditioning is experiencing some issues, you can give S.L.S Plumbing Heating & Cooling a call at 630-495-0960. We will help you learn everything about our expert and experienced air conditioning repair services, Our …

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Filter Replacement Services

When was the last time your air filter was replaced? Give us a call at 630-495-0960 to let our professional technicians assist you with Lombard AC filter replacement services right away! If you are situated in or around Lombard, Illinois, and require assistance in AC filter replacement or servicing, pick up the phone and call our helpful technicians at S.L.S …

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Thermostat Repair & Installation Services

How would you like to have complete control of the temperature in your home?   Most people who go through heating and cooling problems in their home typically find that the thermostat may be the main issue. If they go unserviced as needed regularly, utility costs can escalate and cause other problems in the home. Programmable thermostats will improve energy costs and make your home more comfortable …

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Ductless Mini Split AC System Repair & Installation Services

To get personalized heating zones in your home, call 630-495-0960 and learn about our custom ductless mini-split ac systems today! Some people in your home may be colder than others and some rooms may be too hot. When any  of these issues occur in your home, it may be time to consider investing in a ductless mini-split AC system. Enjoy the …

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