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Air Conditioner Repair Installation Services Lombard IL

An air conditioning unit is an expensive piece of equipment. Unfortunately, an air conditioner may cease to function properly due to many different reasons. In case your air conditioning is experiencing some issues, you can give S.L.S Plumbing Heating & Cooling a call at 630-495-0960. We will help you learn everything about our expert and experienced air conditioning repair services, Our air conditioning repair and installation services in Lombard, Illinois, are your best choice.

At S.L.S Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our courteous and reputable HVAC technicians understand the importance of properly functioning HVAC systems. We understand that it’s very important to keep the temperature in your homes regulated. When your air conditioner stops working on hot summer days, the interior of your home becomes unbearably hot, making repair work necessary.

There are many homeowners who don’t know when to call us for assistance. If you don’t get the system repaired in a timely manner, it leads to numerous problems. In order to make prompt decisions, you need to have lots of information about some common air conditioning problems. Here’s an overview of some common problems your air conditioner may encounter.

Wear and Tear – It’s important to understand that air conditioners are very complicated and expensive pieces of equipment. The components of an air conditioner are subject to damage from wear and tear. Due to this, there are different types of repair issues, which may develop with daily use of the air conditioning system.

Low Refrigerant – An air conditioner often needs service when it starts blowing warm air. The primary cause of the problem is low refrigerant. This is often caused due to inefficiency or leak in the unit. Our experienced technicians can resolve this problem quickly.

Low Air Flow – This is another common problem affecting many air conditioning units. In most cases, this problem occurs due to an issue in the ductwork or clogged unit. This occurs when excess amounts of dust and dirt are contained in the system.

It’s worth mentioning that these are just some of the problems affecting air conditioning units. There are many other problems affecting HVAC systems. Our well-trained HVAC technicians can provide you with prompt and efficient solutions to repair all kinds of problems with an HVAC system.

When Should the Unit Be Replaced?

It’s important to understand that many problems with your air conditioning unit can be easily remedied with necessary repairs. However, there’s a time when your air conditioning unit needs to be replaced. The obvious sign that your HVAC system needs to be replaced is when it’s recommended by our experienced and dedicated technicians.

In addition to this, you may also consider replacing the HVAC unit when the energy bills are too high or you have been using the HVAC system for more than 15 years. It is more cost effective to replace an outdated system. Our well trained experts can help you choose an air conditioning system according to your budget, needs, and requirements. We also provide you with specialized installation services.

Signs You Need to Recharge the Refrigerant

A common reason why an air conditioning unit fails to keep your home cool is due to the low amount of refrigerant. You may have to recharge the refrigerant periodically. The problem may be caused by loss of fluid from regular use or leaks. Some signs that you need to recharge the refrigerant include:

  • High energy costs
  • System feels like it’s not working
  • Air conditioning blows warm air

In case you are experiencing any of these problems in your home, you should give us a call. Our experts can provide you with effective and efficient recharging solutions to make sure your air conditioning runs properly in no time. At S.L.S Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we provide customers with excellent solutions.

We make sure your air conditioning unit stays well maintained for many years. When necessary, we can even assist you with the air conditioner’s replacement. When you choose us for air conditioning repairs and installation, you can be assured of exceptional services at reasonable prices.

We are proud of our excellent customer service. You can easily get in touch with us via multiple modes of communication. If you have been looking for air conditioning repairs and installations, give us a call at 630-495-0960.