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During the cold winter months, you rely on your heating system all day and all night. If your heater, boiler, or furnace, is starting to give you problems both with efficiency and its effectiveness, it might be time to consider having a new one installed. This is why it is a great idea to contact our experts here at S.L.S. Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Our experts can provide you with efficient solutions no matter what type of heating system you may have. See what some of our past customers have to say here, and call us today!

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How often should heaters and furnaces receive maintenance?

Your heater or furnace should be maintained regularly throughout the season. For example, if your heater runs on some type of gas fuel supply, you should regularly check the lines to ensure that they are fully connected.

It is also advised to have your heater or furnace professionally serviced at the beginning and end of each winter season. You want to make sure that the appliance is going to be working well at all times when it is in use.

When you call our experts, we can come out to your home and inspect your unit. This will help us determine whether or not it needs to be serviced. We will then suggest an efficient solution for you to guarantee that your system is working at the highest level at all times!

How long do these units typically last?

Your heater or furnace can last for decades as long as it is cared for and maintained properly. The best way to prolong the life of your unit is to keep it in good working order. Make sure that all duct work is kept cleaned, and have our experts come in regularly to service the machine.

When the heater or furnace is cared for regularly, it is going to give you years and years of great service without giving you any type of issue. If the system is not serviced regularly or cared for, it can last you a few years before you might begin to experience problems.

What are signs you need to repair or replace your heat pump?

If your heating system is not putting out any type of heat, this could be a sign that the heat pump is no longer working to its full capacity. Also, the heat that is coming from the heater might not be as hot as you expect it to be, which can be an issue if you are in the middle of winter and require heat in the home to keep warm.

If you notice any issues with the heater or furnace producing sufficient heat, be sure to contact us here at S.L.S. Plumbing Heating & Cooling to get an expert solution to your issue. We have extensive experience in these units and can help you determine whether or not the unit can be repaired or replaced.

How can you save on your heating costs?

You can save money on heating bills by shutting rooms off that you do not necessarily use throughout the winter. You can either close the door entirely or shut the ductwork in that room so that it does not get heat into it. You can also save money by turning the thermostat down a bit to a lower temperature. Many people also put emphasis in insulating their home, both in the walls using foam insulation, and also on their windows.

Our pros can help you save money on heating and also run an efficient system at all time. When you have our heating experts on your side, you can rest assured that your home will be comfortable and efficient at all times!

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